Ai 4X3" Manual Heated Press with Dual Heating Platens/Controllers
  • Ai 4X3" Manual Heated Press with Dual Heating Platens/Controllers

    Ai TwistPress 4 x 3″ heated press features dual built-in digital thermometers and heaters, allowing you to precisely control the temperature of your transfer. The digital timer will automatically begin a countdown as soon as the clamp is pressed shut, and provides an audible alarm once the predetermined amount of time has elapsed.


    • Solid aluminum heating platens for easy maintenance and even heating

    • Digital timer and alarm

    • Dual heating platens for increased temperature stability

    • Dual LCD temperature controllers display in Fahrenheit or Celsius

    • Option for secure the press to a platform via two screws (not included)

    • Excellent for creating solventless botanical extractions


    Call to purchase: 503-783-6550

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