High pressure hydrocarbon recovery system
  • AlphaWulf 150G Recovery System

    The AlphaWulf™ is an evolution of the VaporSmartz™ in a more compact package. This recovery system is engineered for the professional who is looking to super-charge their processing performance and efficiency.


    By working closely with our customers, and using their valuable input, we’ve focused on providing only what you, the Processor, want without the extras you don’t need. This recovery system is truly designed by Processors, for Processors.


    Call to purchase: 503-783-6550

    • Additional Features

      - Recover up to 2+ lbs/min. 

      - UL & NEMA 7 rated motor

      - 15 CFM

      - 3rd party certified ( a full certification report comes with every machine upon request ) 

      - Reliable piston driven pump-head with low maintenance when paird with a molecular sieve or CycloneDry filter. 

      - Belt drive: quiet and reliable at less then 80 dB

      - Oil-less

      - Durable and simple to maintain

      - Dimentions: 28" x 18" x 25.5" 

      - Customizable:

             * Custom OEM branding with your logo

             * Addition of gauges for input/output

             * Addition of on/off switch 


    • Optional Equipment, Not Included

      - Electrical cord (either)

         - 110 volt - 10 gauge

         - 220 volt - 12 gauge

      - Class 1 Division 1 NEMA 7 switch or plug

      - Molecular sieve or CycloneDry

         - Some form of filtration is required to be paired with your AlphaWulf in order to properly protect your recovery system. If you operate your AlphaWulf™ without a molecular sieve or a CycloneDry™, your warranty becomes null and void.

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