The Best Cannabis Extraction Equipment for Start-Ups

There is no better time than now to get into the CBD industry. Since the legalization of the substance during the last decade, the industry has boomed and is estimated to be worth in excess of $23 billion annually, according to Statista.


Despite how lucrative a career in CBD can be, it’s a tough one to break into as a new business, due to in part the skepticism of some members of the public, as well as the regulations and restrictions imposed on businesses in the CBD industry. Of course, simply curating and selling CBD products created by others isn’t too much of a challenge; however, as CBD becomes less specialized and becomes available in mainstream stores, that business model may not have much longevity. Instead, it’s a good idea to consider entering the CBD industry by extracting and making your own products.


There are many different ways to extract CBD from hemp and cannabis. The industry standard is through hydrocarbon extraction due to how pure the produced CBD extract is. However, to extract this way, you’re going to need the best equipment. Here’s a look at some of the best options for what you need:

1 - A Recovery Pump

A recovery pump is one of the most vital components of equipment for this method of CBD extraction, as it’s needed to recover the solvent used in hydrocarbon extraction– either butane or propane or a blend of the two – for use again and again. It’s this solvent that separates the CBD oil from the organic material. Without this crucial piece of hydrocarbon extraction equipment, your extraction system would vent explosive fuel into the air.


So, it’s vital that you use the best extraction recovery pumps you can get. All the pumps sold by PDX.Gold are created for commercial extraction. Therefore, you know that you’ll be getting equipment that can last and works great when operating on high volumes.


However, a pump is useless without the other vital pieces of equipment needed for this extraction process. In short, without these other vital pieces of equipment, you just have a lovely end table. Therefore, some of the best include the following.

2 - Iron Fist Extractors

These extractors are great, third-party tested complete extraction systems for the commercial-sized extractor that can be paired with any PDX.Gold recovery pump. They’re designed to be safe, industrial-grade systems that reliably produce quality extracts in large quantities. These devices pair with our pumps to help create the ultimate extraction process possible for your cannabis or hemp extraction business.


3 - Elf Extraction

The commercial extraction systems created by Elf, with a custom designed PDX.Gold recovery pump integrated into each and every Elf system provide flexible options as not only can they be used for CBD extraction, but they can be used for other forms of botanical extraction.  This is great if you want to branch out and extract other essential oils alongside your CBD extraction.  Check out our recent beginner’s guide to botanical extraction to learn more about this side of the industry.

4 - Turnkey Extraction Systems

These companies offer “turnkey” extraction systems, such as those offered by Xtractor Depot and Best Value Vacs, smaller in scale than those built by the US manufacturers mentioned above.  These systems are often imported and paired with chillers, vacuum pumps or other ancillary equipment to make a one-stop shop for small-scale, lower budget extractors.  These are perfect for the individual or business just testing the waters of the cannabis extraction market, wanting to make a more modest investment while perfecting their business model and gearing up for a larger investment. 


There are, of course, other options for the best commercial hydrocarbon extraction equipment for a start-up, all will pair well with any of our pumps. Choosing one of our recovery pumps with your system will put you in a good position to create quality BHO extracts that will sell and people will love, much like creating a fine wine.


Due to continued advancements in technology, cannabis extraction equipment is becoming more and more affordable for start-ups. If you want to learn more about how hydrocarbon equipment can play an integral role in your business and how surprisingly affordable it can be, please contact us. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have!