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Payment & Shipping

Does PDX.Gold accept financing?

Yes! We work with a third party financing company; Integrity Medical Capital.

What if I want to pay in cash?

We do accept cash payments, however, we are in compliance with the Federal guidelines which require an IRS 8300 form to be filled out by the purchasing agent if the cash amount is over $10,000.00.

What if I want to pay using a combination of cash and card/check payments?

Yes, we allow any combination of payment methods, but be advised that a card/PayPal transaction will result in an additional 3.5% service fee. Be advised that even if payment is split, an IRS 8300 form is still required if there is an exchange of cash over the amount of $10,000.00. No personal checks accepted, only cashiers checks will be accepted at this time. 

How do I arrange shipping?

PDX.Gold will arrange shipping for you! We work with a Freight Consolidator to get the best rates in a timely manner.

Tech & Specs

What are the power requirements?

All of our recovery pumps require a dedicated 30 AMP circuit.

What is the processing time per pound?

Solvent processing time can range from 1 to 3lbs per minute. This time is largely dependent on solvent types or blends, and the ability of your chiller to work efficiently.

What solvent(s) does this system work with?

Butane, Propane and blends that process under 150 PSI.

Will this system pump liquids?

No. This is strictly a VAPOR recovery pump only.

What is the maintenance schedule?

Your pump should not need maintenance, as long as you use CLEAN DRY solvent vapor. However, if you need repair kits, or replacement parts we have everything you might need in stock.

What comes with each of the systems, regarding switches, cords, and accessories?

That is system dependent. Our iQ150's all have switches, gauges, and cords. VaporSTAR's come with  gauges, but no switches or cords. The STAR150 does not come with gauges, switches or cords. We highly suggest a CycloneDry be paired with all of these systems to insure the longevity of the pump by keeping foreign debris from entering the system.

How long is the cord that comes with the VaporSmartz iQ150?

14 Feet.

Can I install this system myself?

We always recommend a licensed electrician.


I was able to hold negative pressure but it seems lately it drops back down to zero.

The vapor recovery system is NOT a vacuum system, though it can hold vacuum for a while, doing it for too long will damage the seals. However, what you are experiencing is normal. It may in the past hold a negative number but in fact, it should go to zero because the system is designed to recycle the vapor through the manifold. What you are experiencing with our system is normal.

Recently my system's main bearings aren't turning as smoothly as they used to / they stopped altogether.

It is very likely that you have ingested liquid solvent into your pump, damaging your bearings. Unfortunately this isn't covered under warranty, but as long as you haven’t damaged your piston rods or housings, replacing the main bearings and seals is all you may need. contact customer service at PDX.Gold for assistance.

How can I tell if there is liquid in the pump?

There are several ways our technicians can tell if there has been liquid in the pump. The main giveaway is the system stops working. This can come in the form of damaged bearing seizing, pistons snapping, or pump performance issues. Most of these can be fixed before even more damage is caused. The key is to act quickly. Contact PDX.Gold for assistance ASAP if you suspect liquid inside your pump.

Choosing a Recovery Pump

Why do I need a vapor recovery system?

The short answer is MONEY and SAFETY. Recovery pumps are designed to pair with closed loop extraction systems in order to increase their speed and rate of recovery, thus making you more money by producing more product in a shorter amount of time. Using a vapor recovery pump is also necessary for safety. safety for yourself and for the environment. A recovery pump draws in the hazardous gasses and solvents that pollute the air and keep them contained rather than venting them into the atmosphere. An even more immediate danger that can result from not using a recovery pump is that an explosion can occur extremely easily due to use of these highly flammable gases being used indoors near many sources of heat, electricity, etc.

How do I know which PDX.Gold system is best for my extraction process?

This is a hard question to answer, but a very important one. We want you to get the most out of your vapor recovery pump. We know that it is an important investment in your extraction process, and a decision you should not take lightly. To determine which PDX Gold Solvent Transfer And Recovery Pump is right for you, we highly suggest a demo. We offer free demos to any prospective customer in the contiguous United States. By testing and running our 150 psi demo system for 1 week, you get a clear idea of how our pump will run with your system and how it compares to your current setup. We understand a demo is not feasible for everyone, in this case, just call us! We love talking to customers and answering questions. Together we will troubleshoot, answer any and all questions you have, and determine which STAR pump is just the right fit for your processing lab.

What is a vapor recovery pump and how does it work?

A vapor recovery system is essentially a gas compressor that draws in solvent (butane, propane, or whatever blend of the two you choose to use) at a low pressure and compresses it to a higher pressure. It then collects the solvent into a collection vessel.

Is my closed loop system compatible with PDX.Gold’s vapor recovery systems?

Mostly likely, YES. PDX.Gold pumps are designed for the high volume processor that understands the importance of being fast and efficient, and as long as clean dry vapor solvent is being used, our pumps will prove to be relialbe and maintenance free! 


Though we design vapor recovery units fit for industrial sized processing systems, they can certainly be used in all types of extraction labs. If you're currently using ANY hydrocarbon vapor recovery pump, our system should integrate seamlessly, however, if you are adding a pump for the first time - to you closed loop system, you may want to cntact us directly to discuss which option will best suit your needs.


From a compliance standpoint, our pumps are 3rd party tested and certified by 3PCertz Engineering. This means that all components of our pumps meet the requirements for:

a) Class 1, Division 1 - use in a hazardous environment.

b) IFC2018 Section 5003.2 (Systems, equipment and processes of hazardous materials)

c) NFPA 58-2017 (LP Gas Code)

d) NFPA 497-2017, Section 5.9 (Classification Diagrams for Class I, Divisions)

e) NFPA 70-2017, Article 500 (Hazardous Locations, Classes I, II, III, Divisions 1 and 2)

What is the difference between the VaporSmartz iQ150 vs. the STAR pumps?

Both systems are designed for high pressure solvent vapor recovery up to 150 PSI (butane, propane and blends of the two), and both systems pull vapor at approximately 6.5 CFM (free air flow) with our 2 hp C1D1 motor. Where they differ is the VaporSmartz iQ150 has built-in intelligence for auto shut off on the high and low pressures, with an additional shut off for possible electrical surge.

These added safety features help protect the pump from unnecessary over-use that could occur if an operator isn’t paying attention (or simply is too busy to be standing over the machine watching it at all times). This feature provides freedom without risk of damage to highly valuable equipment. The VaporSmartz iQ150 models also come with a C1D1 switch and electrical cord, making it ready for direct hardwire.

The STAR models do not have a switch, cord, or autoshut-off capabilities. A licensed electrician will need to supply those connections as they will hardwire the STAR pump in your cannabis or hemp processing lab. Both need to be hard wired according to your county’s inspection requirements. The VaporSmartz iQ150 only comes in a 220v configuration, while the STAR models can be wired with 110v or 220v (customer's choice) though we recommend 220v.

What certifications does the system have from Professional Engineering?

3PCertz is our licensed professional engineering certification agent. 3PCertz has certified our VaporSmartz iQ and STAR model vapor recovery pumps, stating in our formal Certification Report that each model "...has been found to meet all applicable requirements for use in a Class 1, Division 1 hazardous environment." A Certificate of Conformance will be provided to each customer upon purchase, confirming all safety data and code compliance. This Certificate comes directly from 3PCertz and is specific to your individual unit(s).

Can I use this system to pull down a vacuum in my closed-loop?

The short answer is yes, but we do not recommend long term use of that. Using the pump in this manner is not good for the seals long term.

General & Misc.

What is the current lead time?

We have certain models in stock right now, so the lead time is approximately 3-5 business days it takes to process payment and arrange shipping or office pick-up. At times when we do not have systems in stock, a typical lead time is approximately 4-6 weeks.

Does PDX.Gold accept returns?

It Depends. If you are requesting a return within 30 days or less from your purchase date, your equipment is unused and has zero trace of botanical matter, then we will accept a return. You will be charged a 25% restocking fee and will not be reimbursed for any shipping charges you may have incurred. Please see our Terms and Conditions page for a more in-depth explanation of our return policy and protocol.

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