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Mana Extracts Finds Value, Efficiency, and Increased Safety with the VaporWulf 120 Recovery Pump by PDX.Gold

Mana Extracts, an Oregon based cannabis extraction company, was facing continuous issues with their recovery pumps. Dealing with noisy and inefficient pumps was becoming a daily occurrence; added to that was the need to perform constant maintenance on their pumps every few months. The noise, inefficiencies, and all the money Mana Extracts was putting into maintenance led to one realization – they had to find a better recovery pump. 


The realization of the need for a better recovery pump placed a new goal in front of Mana Extracts - to find a pump that would increase their output in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. Mana Extracts knew finding the perfect recovery pump would allow them to grow their business, and fortunately for them, they found the answer at PDX.Gold.

The Recovery Pump Solution

PDX.Gold’s VaporWülf 120 Recovery Pump offers amazing operational, safety, and efficiency features, all with a lower operational cost. Throw in an ergonomic and compact design, and the VaporWülf 120 blows the competition out of the water. 


Mana Extracts was running four (yes, 4!) CMEP-OL pumps.  ALL four pumps have been replaced with one PDX.Gold VaporWülf 120, which according to Mana Extracts “has been far more reliable than the competition.” The CMEP-OL pumps were being sent out every three to six months for maintenance, which was expensive, time consuming, and stopped production. Mana Extracts says the VaporWülf 120 has “been superior to the competition” in that heavy maintenance is not required. With other recovery pumps, downtime and lost revenue due to maintenance could cost an extractor up to $1K a week, a conservative approximation.

Mana Extracts had four of the competition’s pumps, and with maintenance having to be done at least every few months, the costs to maintain each pump was hindering their production and halting their ability to grow their business. Mana Extracts says that “value is a big thing,” and the PDX.Gold VaporWülf 120 has proven its value by not requiring the excessive amount of maintenance that the competitors require. 


Mana Extracts places “value” high on their list of recovery pump requirements, and analyzing the value meant looking at the safety, the efficiency, and the operational costs of the pump. When it comes to safety, Mana Extracts put it as top priority, and the VaporWülf 120 put safety as a top priority as well. In addition to the VaporWülf 120’s smart technology with automatic pressure relief, the VaporWülf 120 runs significantly quieter than the CMEP-OL, which was causing Mana Extracts employees to work in a noisy environment. Because of the noise from the CMEP-OL pumps, it was difficult for employees to communicate with one another while in the same room. By replacing the CMEP-OL pumps with the VaporWülf 120, the noise reduction dropped significantly, which made talking to each other much easier, a key component for a safe work space. 


Said best by Mana Extracts, the VaporWülf 120’s “efficiencies are superior.” The speed in the transfer of solvent took 20-25% less time compared to the four CMEP-OL pumps previously used by Mana Extracts. Essentially, the VaporWülf 120 is up to 25% faster than its competition. Between the VaporWülf 120’s speed and its low maintenance needs, the return on investment is notably positive. Mana Extracts production has increased and their cost to maintain the pump has decreased – all thanks to the VaporWülf 120.

The Outcome

PDX.Gold’s VaporWülf 120 has saved Mana Extracts both money and time and has made their production more efficient. Mana Extracts is able to get multiple additional production runs during the week, and in their words, the VaporWülf 120 is an “efficient, fast, and reliable pump that is not going to cause a ton of noise” and that it’s “exponentially one of the best pumps we’ve ever had!” 


When Mana Extracts needs to contact PDX.Gold, customer service is readily available. Unlike other companies that never seem to have a live person answer the phone to talk to customers, PDX.Gold believes in supporting their customers from the very moment the customer calls. Mana Extracts describes PDX.Gold’s customer service as “awesome” and says, “they answer in one ring; with other companies nothing gets done on time.” 


Mana Extracts takes pride in the USA and is a huge supporter of products made in the USA, and they enjoy supporting local businesses. Mana Extracts believe that Americans make some of the best products in the world. PDX.Gold is an Oregon based company, and the VaporWülf 120 is all American made.

The Takeaway

Mana Extracts was asked, would you recommend PDX.Gold to other extraction labs, and what is the number one reason why? Their responses show their extreme satisfaction with the VaporWülf 120 recovery pump.


“I would absolutely recommend the PDX.Gold pump. It really comes down to the value you receive out of it. If you’re just simply price hunting, number hunting, that is not the full equation to look at. You need to look at what this pump is going to do for you through your output and production ability within your facility. And if you sit there and actually analyze that, there’s a strong case to be made to purchase the PDX.Gold pump.”



In one or two words, how can the PDX.Gold VaporWülf 120 be described? Here’s what Mana Extracts had to say: “reliable,” “efficient,” “quiet,” “silent assassin,” “hellafire,” and “awesome!” 


“We would recommend PDX.Gold recovery pumps to every extractor on this planet because

it saves time and money

and that is the most important thing

to most companies.” 


“I would recommend the PDX.Gold for other extraction labs. The efficiencies can’t be beat.

The noise reduction makes communication

in your extraction room easier.”


Mana Extracts had a problem with inefficient recovery pumps, causing them to invest time and money into fixing, which led to a slower production and hindrance on their company’s growth. But they found the answer to their problems by replacing their multiple pumps with just one pump from PDX.Gold. If you’re finding similar challenges with the recovery pumps you’re using, consider the many options offered by PDX.Gold.  We are very happy to provide more information and answer any questions you may have. 


A new recovery pump could be the best investment you ever make! 

Give us a call at (503) 783-6550 or email us at to see how we can help you.

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