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CycloneDry Family
  • CycloneDry Family

    The #1 contaminant in any Botanical Extract Lab process is water. All plant material has water that will transfer to the process solvent; fresh, frozen and other green material will be heavily laden with water. Liquid water will ruin your recovery pump. That water will move through your process and cause issues at every turn.


    The CycloneDry is your answer regardless of whether your pump is Oil sealed or a Dry Piston Pump like the VaporHawg. The CycloneDry can be retrofit to any recovery pump and is built to last. Most refrigerant recovery pumps are not well suited for solvent recovery because they require solvent to be moved as a liquid for lubrication purposes. When the solvent is a liquid, so is the water and it will move right along with the gas and destroy your pump along the way. Even in applications where the solvent is being moved as a gas, water vapor will travel and condense where you don’t want it in your closed loop system.


    The CycloneDry traps and removes water two ways:

       • Water Vapor is condensed into liquid in the Stainless Steel Housing using cyclonic action.

       • A desiccant filter absorbs all liquid water and allows the solvent to pass through.

         The desiccant filter can be baked out in a vacuum oven and reused over and over. 


    CycloneDry 12"                  $1,294

    CycloneDry MAX 18"         $1,683

    CycloneDry MAX-XL 24"   $1,942  


    • Shipping, Tax, and Fees

      Please note that shipping charges will be arranged on an individual basis. Once your order is placed, we will contact you to arrange the best shipping option or schedule a pick up. 

      When paying with a debit or credit card, a 3.5% service fee will be applied to your total. You are able to pay through our website, but a follow-up invoice will be sent to bill you for shipping and fees.


      Taxes - A sales tax will be applied to your final invoice dependant on the state where you reside. If you are a licensed re-seller, please provide us with your ID number and we will reverse all tax charges. 


      We accept cash, check, and wire transfer payments. Please call to arrange. 503-783-6550

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