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VaporSmartz iQ150 - vapor recovery pump
  • VaporSmartz iQ 150 Recovery System

    The VaporSmartz iQ150 is the recovery system so intellegent, it thinks for itself.

    Our number one priority at PDX.GOLD is safety and performance, and with this recovery system that is what you’ll get. The VaporSmartz iQ150 is an American made recovery system that is designed for Propane and Butane/Propane blends. This recovery pump is engineered to perfection in order to provide you with the utmost safety and quality you could ever need when it comes to your botanical extraction.


    Built for the user; our ergonomic design is standard counter height so no
    bending down to check gauges. The automatic shut off system ensures that your recovery system operates at peak performance for as long as possible.


    Data Sheet


    Call to purchase: 503-783-6550

    • Additional Features

      - Propane/Blends

      - Rated to 150 psi 

      - Recovers  2+ lbs/min. 

      - 3rd Party Certified 

      - 6.5 CFM

      - NEMA 7, Class 1 Division 1 components

      - 2 HP NEMA 7 & UL rated motor

      - Belt Drive: quiet and reliable & less than 80 dB

      - Oil-less

      - Standard counter height with a sturdy worktop 

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