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TwinSTAR Hydrocarbon Solvent Transfer and Recovery pump
STAR-150 BHO recovery pump

Our newest hydrocarbon extraction recovery pump is here! The STAR150, TwinSTAR and TriSTAR 

(Solvent Transfer And Recovery) are the latest technology from PDX.Gold and are a powerful addition to any processing lab. These systems pair perfectly with the industry's leading hydrocarbon extraction systems, will decrease your recovery times, and will increase your profits immediately!

With all 3 of the STAR models, you have the option of a single-phase, or 3-phase drive motor.

We offer re-seller pricing and an OEM configuration.

Contact us at 503-783-6550 or submit a quote request form to upgrade your lab today!

Hemp(CBD) and Cannabis : Extraction Equipment

In the heart of Oregon, here at PDX.Gold, we design one of a kind, safe, efficient, and high-quality botanical extraction equipment. Our products are designed and manufactured on-site. Our extractors for cannabis and hemp focuses on solvent transfer and recovery systems, filter dryers, vacuum pumps and more. We promise top quality equipment and the best customer service to support your THC and CBD products and business success.

Create the Purest Product Today

Call us at 1-503-783-6550

We design one of a kind, safe and efficient extraction equipment in the heart of Oregon. We pride ourselves on our high standards in quality and performance, which is why we put our equipment through rigorous testing and hold each piece of equipment to a high standard before we send any machinery out our doors.

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The VaporSmartz iQ is built to get you recovering product efficiently, safely and quickly. With it's smart shut-off technology and ergonomic design, this robust recovery pump is a must in any extraction lab.

We are building equipment for the modern extractor, someone who is looking for efficient, high performing and reasonably priced machines that go the extra mile.

We make great machines, and we want to make sure you're getting the most out of your purchase. We offer hands on training and consulting services to ensure your machine continues to run efficiently for years to come.

The Ins and Outs of Botanical Extraction from Hemp and Cannabis

In recent years, there has been a lot of research and studies that suggest how versatile cannabinoids, specifically cannabidiol (CBD) which is found in hemp and cannabis plants, can be regarding health and well-being. Because of the interesting CBD benefits, cannabis and hemp botanical extraction has become a desired and popular process to obtain THC, CBD and terpenes for a multitude of products.

Here at PDX.Gold we offer a variety of hemp and cannabis extraction equipment.


Botanical oils are extracted from the biomass of cannabis and hemp plants. Cannabis oil contains multiple compounds including THC, CBD, CBG among others while oils extracted from hemp is very similar but contains no THC.


There are three distinct main methods in CBD extraction, each one having their own unique set of pros and cons. To properly extract cannabis oil, there is a variety of specialty extraction equipment that can be used, ranging from hydrocarbon closed-loop extraction systems to high pressure / temperature Carbon Dioxide systems to ethanol extraction systems.


Before diving into these methods, it’s essential to know exactly what these machines are removing from the biomass and why these extracts are so sought after.

What is Cannabis Oil?

Cannabis oil is the extract that comes out of the cannabis plant when using extraction equipment. This oil can contain over 100 different cannabinoids if unprocessed; however, the two main ones are cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).


CBD is the chemical compound that many believe has health benefits, as it’s been reported to combat pain and inflammation, acne and other skin problems, and potentially provide relief from mental health issues, such as anxiety and depression.


THC has been attributed to providing the “high” sensation when consumed, and thus needs to be considered when making CBD products because they can only contain less than 0.3% of THC to be considered legal in the US.


Another lesser-known compound found from cannabis and hemp extraction process is terpenes. Terpenes are aromatic oils that color cannabis with distinctive flavors and have been reported to promote relaxation and stress relief, while others report it promotes focus and acuity.

This is an extremely popular extraction method due to its ease of use and relative accessibility. For this type of oil extraction, hydrocarbons (such as propane and butane) are used as a solvent to extract the THC and cannabinoids. Hydrocarbon extraction is a very clean extraction method that leaves very little, if any, residue when utilized properly and also minimizes post processing requirements. The extract is clean and contains very high levels of THC, CBD, and terpenes.   Hydrocarbon extraction is the most effective of the popular extraction methods to capture terpenes.  Cooler temperatures are very efficient at extracting THC and cannabinoids while at the same time reducing the levels of plant pigments and waxes in the final product.

When properly trained professionals are involved in the hydrocarbon extraction process, there is very little risk. However, because flammable solvents are used, there is risk when used improperly. Again, if trained professionals are doing the extraction and using the proper extraction equipment, risk is low.

PDX.Gold equipment that supports hydrocarbon extraction include:

AlphaWulf vapor recovery system testing at Luna Technologies

Quality of Final THC and CBD Product

Hydrocarbon extraction, which uses solvents like butane and propane, are non-polar and tend to preferentially bind to the fat-soluble components of cannabis, thus providing a much more potent extract rich in compounds.  By controlling the temperature and pressure of the system, hydrocarbon extraction is the most effective for recovering terpenes in the extract. In addition, this type of extraction allows for flavonoids and carotenoids to be extracted, which means the aroma, flavor, and effects are as close as possible to the starting material.

Ethanol extraction is a good choice in terms of cost, but due to the polarity of ethanol solvents, this means the ethanol often binds to all the water-soluble components in cannabis, and this could result in a less potent final extract that might need further processing.

Though CO2 extraction is very efficient in extracting THC and CBD compounds, most CO2 systems operate at pressures and temperatures that damage or destroy the fragile terpene compounds.  Thus, many of the flavors and aromas of the original material is lost.  Most CO2 derived materials require flavonoids and terpenes to be re-added to the extract in post processing when used in products that demand them.

Solvent Transfer and Recovery Systems (STAR Systems) are designed for n-Butane and Butane/Propane blends. They are an engineered system to deliver safety and performance perfection resulting in high quality results. Also, the STAR systems are ergonomic, durable, and simple to maintain.

STAR150 + CycloneDry filter drier

Because all plant material contains water, during the oil extraction process, water may transfer to your solvent (e.g., butane), which can damage the recovery pump. To prevent this, a filter dryer is essential. Our CycloneDry filter dryers will eliminate this problem and are designed specifically for extraction done with hydrocarbon extraction systems which are closed loop systems.


CycloneDry filter drier - keeps water and contaminants out of your product

We promise top quality equipment and the best customer service that supports your product and business success.

Create the Purest Product Today, call us at 1-503-783-6550.

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